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8 benefits of using social media


1. Reduce Your Overall Marketing Costs

Social Media pages are a practical approach to get your company information in front of current and potential clients. It doesn't cost you anything to tweet a message, pin a photo or idea to Pinterest, or post to Facebook, so there's no expense beyond the time you spend posting.

Many social media sites do have ways to promote your posts through paid advertising, but as these are optional they only need to be used when there is something specific or special you might want to promote and get out to a larger network of people than your usual followers.

Social Media pages can help you get your message out to people who might not see you on more traditional forms of advertising, and it can do so in very cost effective ways.

2. Impact Your Organic Search Results

Social media can help with your Search Engine Optimization results because it provides important back-links to your site.  The “bots” that investigate the web for search engines such as Google look for a number of different things to determine the authority and ranking of your website.  Having links from other sites, including social media sites and business directories, can help increase your page ranking.  Not only will posting to social media sites get your information in front of more people, it will also help to improve your search rankings, meaning your website will be easier to find for people searching for your keywords.

3. Better Customer Service

If you're searching for an additional way to interact with customers in terms of their remarks, concerns, and inquiries, social media can be incredibly effective

Customers can use sites such as Facebook or Twitter to correspond with you, and you can rapidly answer them in an open forum that lets other customers see the discussion and its results.  This can answer questions others might have also had as well as giving transparency to your customer service processes.

The effect of this action can be tremendous: 71% of people who get a timely and helpful reaction on social networking say they will be much more likely to recommend that brand to their friends and family.

4. Create Your Online Persona

Social Media gives you a different way to show your business's identity by providing you with a less formal, often fun, way of letting your customers get to know your business, your employees, and the things you care about in a way they might not see from your business website.

5. Connecting With Other Businesses

As technology changes, so do the ways in which we network.  Sites such as LinkedIn enable businesses and employees to connect with each other faster and more effectively than ever before.  Networking on social media provides your business with the opportunity to tell your company’s story, engage with followers, share career opportunities, and increase your word-of- mouth marketing.

6. Customers Can Validate Your Business

The thought behind allowing customers to relate with you on social media is so they can get the best customer service possible. By allowing customers to engage on your social media site you are providing that customer service in an exceptionally open gathering that can be seen by others, including potential new customers.

When customers sing your praises to their friends or colleagues, it improves your online reputation, and increases the chances that another person is going to give you a shot next time they are looking for your products and services.

7. You Can Provide Value

You know your industry, which means you have valuable information you can give to your followers. Whether you’re writing educational and entertaining blogs, posts, or tweets, solving a problem, or providing information, you’re providing value that customers will appreciate.

8. Gain a Competitive Advantage

Using social medial helps you to get a leg-up on your competition by connecting with your current and prospective customers in a variety of organic ways across the web.
If used correctly, social media can help you boost your search rankings, provide better customer service, showcase a compelling online personality, connect with new business partners, build connections, and increase word-of-mouth marketing.

If you aren’t using social media, we recommend you start posting so you can begin to see the benefits.